ouzoud waterfalls 


   Water gushing from the top of a cliff, and crashing 110 meters below: and no, we are not at the Igazu Falls in Argentina / Brazil, but indeed in Morocco. The Ouzoud Waterfalls allow you to admire a succession of panoramas of the waterfall in the middle of olive trees, and crossing some Berber monkeys and macaques.

Visit the Ouzoud waterfalls from Marrakech .


      *  Highlights :



  • The visitor can eat when arriving in one of the many establishments surrounding the site .

  • A spectacular site in the heart of the Atlas .

  •  The falls are indeed in the middle of majestic landscapes .

  • Stroll through the shade of olive trees as the rumble of falling water slowly rises .


        * Description :

           A pleasant day trip to Ouzoud, a small village that is well known for its waterfalls the largest waterfalls in North Africa of Morocco, located exactly northeast of Marrakech about 150 km. This waterfall is considered one of the most remarkable natural attractions of the Moroccan atlas, it has more than 100 m in height which offers visitors an extremely formidable view.    

   During the excursion you will discover the most spectacular waterfalls and beautiful green landscapes populated by monkeys and birds, you can have lunch in a restaurant facing its magnificent waterfalls. Take a walk to discover this quiet and peaceful village.

      * What is included : 

                    - Transport air-conditioned .
                      -  Fuel and driver. .
                      -  Transport insurance .
                      -  Guide .
                       - The de bienvenue .



Other activities you may be interested in


      You can enjoy several tourist activities and experiences to make your excursion more fun :


* Skydiving in Beni Mellal province . 

* Fishing: Foreign tourists go to the region for fishing in the valleys of the region .

* You can also dive and swim in the Ouzoud River, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the freshness of the waters .


* Take a boat trip in the Waterfalls River .

* Cycling is a hobby that attracts many visitors .

* Climb the mountains that particularly tempt foreign tourists and lovers of mountain tourism .


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